Start A Tech Company With No Coding Skills

You want to start a tech company but you lack the experience and technical skills to do so. The key is to choose a specialized niche within the tech industry and one example of this is the data center. You can partner with a company like Citrus because Citrus practices strict workflow management of the project implementation. Citrus is a company that tries to solve problems that often occur with data center management. Here are additional ways you can start a tech company with no coding skills.

Boost Your Technical Skills

One thing you should do if you want to start a tech company is to build strong technical skills if you lack them. You don’t always have to attend college to obtain these skills because there are free or discounted online computer technology classes you can take to learn coding and other important tech skills. Visit the library and check out some books on technical subjects and if your friends are geeks, ask them about computer technology.
Start A SEO Consulting Company

Most businesses have websites and they’ll need excellent search engine optimization in order for their website to get high rankings on the search engines. All you need is a computer and good marketing skills. You can bring some brochures about your SEO company to schools, hospitals, local businesses, churches and at nonprofit organizations. Talk about the kind of services you offer and the price you offer. Also include your contact information.

Make Your Friends Your First Clients

If you’re just starting your tech company and you have friends who are looking for someone who practices strict workflow management of the project implementation, you can have your friends be your first clients. Make sure that you follow their instructions carefully so that you will not mess things up between you and the friends. Your friends will probably recommend you to others and soon you’ll have more clients.

Hire Skilled People

If you want to start a tech company but lack the technical skills to understand strict workflow management of the project implementation, you need to hire people who have at least ten or more years of experience in computer science or who have owned tech companies in the past. These persons can become your business partners and offer their expertise to make your tech company succeed for years to come.

Attend Entrepreneurship Seminars

This can help you if you lack both the business expertise and the technical skills because the guest speakers can talk with you about how to start a tech company despite your lack of skills. The speakers can also give you pointers on how you can obtain the funds needed to start the company. Don’t be shy about asking questions and use that time to network with established tech company owners and get advice from them. In conclusion, it is not too hard to start a tech company if you use the above mentioned steps and have a confident attitude.