Spain will not give up their throne silently

Rejoice! In one game, a team has scored over two goals before the 87th minute! Forget about the battling draws or one-goal wins, one nation finally asserted their power over another nation on the football arena.

Turkey are the first team to receive a harsh blow from Spain in Euro 2016. After the nervous encounters controlled by tactical master classes and defensive displays, Spain was able to roll back the years by dispensing a proper thrashing on Friday evening. After a week of comedy, excitement, drama, and sheer idiocy, the checklist final box is finally ticked on the major tournament.

Andres Iniesta was once more simply wonderful.David Silva, Jordi Alba and CescFabregas were more than talented supporting acts. Sergio Ramos still managed to appear relatively questionable. Alvaro Morata didn’t make it to his first summer test against Czech Republic, but he managed to pass this one with impeccable ease. He opened the score card with a header from a pass by Nolito sending the ball past VolkanBabacan (goalkeeper) 12 meters away.

The Magistrate may have been substantially kinder, but a striker should not be blamed for the deficiencies of their opponents. The desired Juventus forward learnt from his previous blunders to flourish, and has currently scored more goals in this match than any other re-known centre forward.
Despite Turkey becoming poor, Spain were excellent, incisive, dominant and united. They were hungry for success once again after their struggle in Brazil two years ago. At the moment 8 teams have played 2 games without being defeated in France and only 5 have kept their sheets clean. Three of them have won both of their matches. Spain has laid down the symbolby scoring more than two goals in one match.
The easiness of their win in Lille implores the question. Why did everyone doubt them? Why didn’t anyone foresee this? Why was France backed heavily, and Germany tipped by most of us, but the leading European champs forgotten?

Given, France have home benefit whilst Germany are of course the world champions. Both nations have one thing in common; most talented football players in the world. The last three major international competitions against four have been won by Spain. Seven of the players who began against Turkey appeared in at least one of those hat-tricked finals. This is still an exciting side; it’s no coincidence that three of the four Europa League and Champions League qualifiers herald from La Liga

Of 89 analysts, journalists and some ‘experts’ who gave their pre-tournament predictions for BBC and 5 national newspapers, only twelve predicted Spain to win. Martin Raymond Keown is barred for backing France somewhere else. Nobody from Sky Sports predicted Del Bosque’s team winning the tournament.
Turkey boasted of having the best 3 goalkeepers, 5 most impenetrable defenders, 3 best midfielders, a striker valued at fifty million pounds, and entered the tournament as 3rd favorites but exits the 1st week.

Spain now remains unbeaten in fourteen matches at the Euro 16 championships, and has not lost a game since a 1-. Defeat in 2004 to Portugal. Spain also has not conceded a goal in the Euro 16 tournament since a 1-1 draw against Italy in its opener in 2012.

Turkey’sfans have resulted to Turkey facing a fine from UEFA after they used smoke bombs and flares in the stands, and continuously threw firecrackers into the filed after the whistle was blown.
In a closing remark, David Silva urged his team to remain focused in the hunt for a 3rd consecutive European crown.