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The Story of Organized Football in India and history of Indian Football, is the history of The Indian Football Association (West Bengal) popularly known as IFA.

This century old organization erstwhile known as Indian Football association, established in 1893 played a key role in forming the National Football Association i.e. AIFF in 1937 (i.e. 44 years later) and stood by as the 1st Lieutenant on to develop and promote football in India. In fact it always played the role of vanguard and was the forerunner in the pursuit of promoting, developing and popularizing the game of football in the country.

Major tournaments established by the IFA after its foundation were the prestigious IFA Shield in 1893 and the Calcutta Football League in 1898. The IFA Shield is the fourth oldest club cup competition in the world after the English and Scottish FA cup’s and the Durand Cup and the Calcutta Football League is the oldest league tournament in Asia and one of the oldest leagues in the world.

Currently The Indian Football Association (West Bengal) controls and manage the entire affairs of football in the State of West Bengal.

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