Is Your Pencil Sharp Enough? Let’s Talk About Best Sharpeners

A perfectly functioning electric pencil sharpener could be one of the most essential things of your desk. Manual pencil sharpers are considered as old fashioned nowadays. An electric sharpener, on the other hand, is highly efficient and smart. People do not even have to undergo any training session for that.

Kids easily mess things up at school. The wastage after sharpening a pencil usually creates a lot of dirt. At present, if a kid owns an electric pencil sharpener, he is dubbed as a superstar. So, why would you want to take away your kid’s popularity? Just buy him/her the best pencil sharpener.
You do not have to think about the budget anymore. Most of the electric sharpeners do not cost more than $50. This article will provide you information on some of the best pencil sharpeners of the current market.

Comparison of Different Types

A pencil sharpener is either manual or electric. Manual sharpeners have no mobile parts, and that gives you enough control over the tool. They are easy to carry since the weight is pretty less. You can put it in your pocket, bag even in the wallet. Meanwhile, the electric one is a bit expensive comparing to the manual one. However, the operation is not that simple. You will have to carry batteries or any electric outlet. But I can tell you it is far better than the manual sharpener.

Auto-Stop Ability

All of us have experience of breaking pencil lid while sharpening because we went a bit careless during the process. An electric pencil sharpener can save you from this type of heartbreak. It will automatically stop when the pencil is sharp enough. The pencil will also last longer. This is a very powerful configuration that can lure you away from traditional manual sharpeners.

Top Picks

After conducting enough research, I can tell you there are plenty of options. But you cannot blindly choose any of them. You need to judge features, price and user reviews as well. Everything is available on different websites now. It is better to go for 4-5 different products by making a shortlist and purchase the most preferred one.

1. School Smart Adjustable Electric Sharpener
It is one of the best electric sharpeners in town now. Anybody can get its service. It has a high-functioning motor that can let it sharp pencils one after another for hours even! As we already know, an electric device seems to overheat during a continuous process. But this device will never create such kind of issue. Possessing three different holes, it can sharpen any type of pencil. You will not have to worry about the tidiness. Once you are done with your work, you can easily get rid of the trash.

2. X-Acto School Pro Heavy-Duty

X-Acto sharpeners are also known as “Teachers’ Thing”. It was basically designed by teachers for classroom use. However, it does not have that auto-stop feature, but it has a protective guard that stops a user from over sharpening a pencil. The motor inside is quiet and you won’t have to disturb anyone nearby. In addition, it also has SafeStart function that makes it better to operate without any chance of an accident. The tool is assembled in the United States. Before you purchase, look for the warranty as they generally provide a 2-year warranty.

3. Westcott Axis iPoint
Classy and futuristic—this is how you can describe this product. It can only make your office a stylish one. It comes with a 5-year warranty, which is really great. The motor is smooth and quiet. If you are looking for something stylish and creative, this is the thing for you.

What About Manual Sharpeners?

No matter how much you are into the electric sharpener, you can never get rid of the old manual sharpener. All of us cannot carry battery or electricity source with us. In that case, you will have to go manual. There are many options in terms of manual sharpeners as well. Some manual devices have auto-stop feature too! Let’s take a look at one of them.

CARL Angel-5 Manual Sharpener

The manual tool has an auto-stop feature that will prevent you from over-sharpening your device. You also do not need electricity to run this tool. However, you will have to use your hand every time you use the device.

It comes in three smart colors—black, blue and red. If you are a fashion loving person, you can choose the color based on the interior of your office. Since the device is manual, the lifespan is not that great like an electric one. But still, you can go for it since the price will be pretty lower. Moreover, different parts of the tool are also available in the market. You will not have to buy a new one if one of the parts breaks down all of a sudden.

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Attend Entrepreneurship Seminars

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